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  1. Required materials:
    • Required materials:

    • DC motor

    • potentiometer

    • NPN transistor

    • stirring magnet

    • soldering wire

    • battery (9V preferably)

    • glue

  2. glue the magnets on opposite ends to the motor piece.
    • glue the magnets on opposite ends to the motor piece.

    • the motor piece can be anything hard that is approximately the size of the stirring magnet you are using.

    • you may need to cut out a hole for the Motor drive axis too.

    • solder the Middle wire of the potentiometer to the Base (middle) Pin of the transistor,

    • solder the Collector pin to one of the Side Wires of the Potentiometer and solder + from the battery here too,

    • solder the - from the battery (Gnd) to one of the Motor pins. The remaining Wire from the Potentiometer goes here too.

    • You should now have everything ready to spin the motor.

    • Just attach the remaining transistor Pin to the remaining Motor Pin.

    • The motor should now spin.

    • for surface I used styropor,

    • cut out the shape for the motor fit and a hole for the Potentiometer.

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