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Task 3, Motor Mount Fabrication

Cut out a metal sheet for the Metal Mount. Length should be enough to realize the structures depicted in photo 1.

Drill holes for motor screws and shaft in the motor mount sheet (photo 1)

CAUTION: clamp sheet metal to work surface while drilling. Keep hands free of sheet metal in case it comes free and rotates with the drill.

Positions of holes for motor screws and shaft are critical. These depend on the exact model of motor that is used. For most precise placement, first mark hole position in pencil. Then indent the sheet metal surface with an awl or nail. Finally, position tip of drill bit in the indentation.

Bend the motor mount sheet to form the metal motor mount shape described below. The mount height (30 mm in this case) should be high enough to fit the motor without compressing its solder leads. The angle you bend the sheet is not critical. (photo 2)

Attach motor to the motor mount sheet with screws. Screws with short heads should be used so that there is enough clearance to the rotor body. (photo 3)